About One Telekom

One Telekom ranks one of the leading suppliers of smartphone spare parts in the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine markets.

Our company specializes in the distribution of the original Samsung service pack displays for small, medium and large businesses, service centers.

Headquarters in Dubai, UAE
Representative offices
in the EU and Hong Kong
12 years of flawless reputation
International management standards
500+ happy customers
1M+ items sold

We help clients develop their business

Our customers - the owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises that specialize in local sales of spare parts and repair of mobile phones.

These people and the companies they run, not only create jobs and help grow their economies, but also provide important services to help other people fix and give a second life to valuable gadget devices.

We work so that you can grow your business, earn more and live better.

We help to give a second life to cool gadgets.

Helping our customers grow their businesses, providing them with a comprehensive and thoughtful service, the opportunity to purchase spare parts at fair prices based on fast and fair trading, offering convenient on-line solutions and the most comprehensive range of essential goods

We believe in helping every person who needs a high-quality and affordable repair service for a  gadget or mobile phone.

We have developed and implemented on our online platform Real Time Bidding a unique instant bargaining system that allows each entrepreneur to receive a fair price for a batch of the required goods, without wasting time on correspondence with suppliers' managers and waiting for answers.

Now, it is enough to select a product, indicate the volume of the batch and your vision of the price. Real Time Bidding will evaluate the offer and accept it or offer an alternative price. By changing the purchase volume, you can get a better price.

Bargain to win for the best price!